Marvel Zombies #1 (2005) Signed By Arthur Suydam

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Price $120.00
Title Marvel Zombies
Issue # 1
Date 2005-12-07
Publisher Marvel
Category RAW
Notes We do back our grades but please be sure to use the photo as a guide and examine the book closely as this is not a certified grade. Grading is subjective and may vary slightly.
Signed by Arthur Suydam
Cert # 511335
Desc Torn from the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four! On an Earth shockingly similar to the Marvel Universe’s, an alien virus has mutated all of the world’s greatest super heroes into flesh-eating monsters! It took them only hours to destroy life as we know it—but what happens when they run out of humans to eat?!? Follow their search for more food—and witness the arrival of the Silver Surfer!
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